Tweens are the kids between the age of 8 and 12. The pre-teen years sets a foundation for the teenage years. How your relationship will be with your teen can be easily understood by how the tween years were. Every age group requires different approach to parenting. Kids at this…

Kahani Ghar Ghar ki (Story of every home)

This is the story of every teenager at home. And this particular story revolves around a girl named Ritika. And something that happens during Valentine’s week.

Ritika was engrossed in her favourite Netflix series, when her mother asked her for her lunch…

Every morning when we wake up, usually, we all have a set routine for the day. “Time for office” “time for school/college” and so on. And it’s possible that morning walk we planned for today will be shifted to tomorrow.

And we again lose the chance to connect with nature…

A message for those who support and care for the people with mental illness part 2

A message for those who support and care for the people with mental illness part 2

Loving a person is tough, but loving a person who suffers with mental disorder needs a strength only few possess.

It requires a sacrifice of not only of your time, but to some extent…

We have always been drawing hearts to symbolize our emotions, ever thought why?

Though, emotions are regulated neurologically through our brains but it eventually affects our heart the most. It actually works like a chain reaction.

We feel angry, anxious, tense, frustrated, frightened, or depressed, or similar.


The body…

I went to this new restaurant on the city’s outskirts and I instantly connected with the place. All I know is I loved the VIBESSSS!!!!!! Ever wondered, what kind of a ‘VIBESSS’ does your home produce to outsiders and most importantly –to YOU? Energy (a.k.a. vibes) is something what you…

karuna reiki healing

You Have Infinite power within you and you are a part of this powerful universal knowledge and energy that is flowing all around you.

Just as the sun shines lightness on the darkness of the Moon, you can use the energy of the Karuna Reiki to shine a light on…

Vishwas Healing Centre

Help clients to discover strength within & recognize presence of healer inside so completely independent & self-confident.

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